How is Wellness Incorporated inTO START LOVING YOU?

We have partnered with WellScene Atlanta to bring a wellness aspect to our guests. Look for the leaf throughout the weekend to see the exciting ways we are incorporating wellness into our conference this year.


Sponsor Marketplace
Sponsors such as STAT Wellness, STARTdetoxing and Pukka Tea all have a mission of wellness behind their brands. We will provide multiple opportunities for guests to be introduced to and shop these health-conscious vendors.


STAT Wellness
STAT’s mission is to empower people to live a long, healthy life through medicine + movement. STAT will be offering Methyl B-12/Lipovite shots for attendees! Energize, boost metabolism, and promote a sense of wellbeing with this Methyl B12 and amino acid blend!

Methyl B12/Lipovite Injection $30 for conference (normally $45) 
The following ingredients combined into one injection:  

Active form of B12 that helps with energy, metabolism, mood, red blood cell formation, and a complex cycle called methylation.

An essential amino acid that helps with detoxification, methylation, and reducing oxidative stress! 

Phytonutrient that helps with blood sugar stability and hormone balance (especially good for PCOS). 

An essential nutrient that helps with cell membrane and brain health. Also important for methylation!

Another important amino acid that helps with mitochondria function (the powerhouse in every cell). Great for mood, weight loss, energy, and even memory!


Wellness & Gut Health are hot topics in 2019. Join Kristin Oja, Founder of STAT Wellness, as she dives in to provide tips and tricks on how to incorporate wellness into your life, as well as teaching us about healthy ways to keep our guts happy! 


Mind + Body
Start your Saturday morning with a gentle yoga practice as we set positive intentions for your day and power up your metabolism! 


Healthy Indulgences
Our 80/90’s Party will Including Guilt-Free Specialty Cocktails!