Two moms.(Not married.)
(Actually, married. Just not to each other.)

Four kids.Two husbands.Three dogs. 
Two glasses of wine- to start. Lots of laughs.

Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley have been performing, teaching, and writing comedy internationally for a combined 40+ years. They have been moms for one quarter of that time and it shows. How do they cope? They laugh about all of the craziness that comes with being a mom and they want you to laugh about it too! From snot to stretchmarks to sleepless nights, Kristin and Jen know firsthand that parenting is a hard job and they invite you to join them in taking it all a little less seriously (even if for a few short minutes a day). After all, Jen currently has four days of dry shampoo in her hair and Kristin’s keys are still in her front door. They try, they fail, they support each other, and they mom as hard as they can.


A renowned work/life wellness expert, Sam inspires corporate cultures and increases employee retention and productivity through her executive workshops and keynotes. Thousands of professionals from C-level leaders to administrative assistants have benefitted from Sam’s unique guidance on how to maximize work/life success. She finds that spark within each of us and turns it into a fire.



Energetic, funny, and obsessed with creativity, Kristina has an in-your-face perspective on issues of parenting and life in general. In fact, you may have seen Kristina recently on your Facebook feed, or on any one of a number of internet, radio or TV outlets. She has become a Youtube sensation with her “mom-centric” videos about raising children and juggling all of life’s challenges. With over 300 million views across media outlets and websites worldwide, Kristina already has a voice and personality that has proven to be a hit with a massive audience (from young millennials through Gen-Xers and even Baby Boomers).


Life blogger, Meredith Masony  loves to share her stories about, life, marriage, motherhood, and the quest to be the best me she can be. With three kids ages 10, 7, 5. her motto is “I’ll say it, so you don’t have to.” Life is messy, and it’s OK to talk about it. She has been featured in Huffington Post, & POPSUGAR.


 Past speakers include Jen and Kristin from #IMOMSOHARD, Internet Sensation Kristina Kuzmic, Author/TV Contributor Samantha Ettus, Author/Comedian Meredity Masony and many more inspiring women, bloggers & authors who share inspirational stories, personal struggles and successes.